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Our Leadership

  • Dr. Keith Cornille is responsible for the administration, operation and development of the College. He reports to the Board of Trustees and ensures Heartland is accomplishing its mission on behalf of District 540 residents and community partners.

    Phone: 309-268-8100

  • Kelli Hill oversees areas of Heartland that enhance community, business and government partnerships. Learning opportunities supported by her division go beyond traditional college credit coursework.
    Phone: 309-268-8100

    Contact Kelli or click on any of the links below to learn about HCC resources in her area.

    For individuals interested in life long learning:

    For businesses and organizations:

    For community partners:

  • Dr. Rick Pearce is responsible for the areas of recruitment, instruction and support of students in Heartland's academic programs. He also collaborates with K-12 schools and other higher education partners.

    Phone: 309-268-8105

    Contact Rick or click on any of the links below to learn more about the areas he supports.

  • Doug Minter oversees Heartland's finances and general business operations. In addition, he is responsible for Human Resources, campus facilities, technology and strategic planning.

    Phone: 309-268-8100

  • Dr. Sarah Diel-Hunt leads initiatives, programs and reporting that span all of Heartland's academic units. She also oversees student learning outcomes assessment and online learning.

    Phone: 309-268-8593

    Contact Sarah or click on any of the links below to learn more about her areas of responsibility.

    For high school students:

    For Heartland students:

    For the College:

  • Scott Bross leads information technology efforts at Heartland for both administrative and academic needs.

    Phone: 309-268-8364