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Frequently Asked Questions

When do GED® classes start?

GED classes are offered throughout the year.

GED Class offerings
Summer 2014 June 2- July 25
No classes July 4
Registration closes June 20
Fall 2014 August 11 - December 12
No classes September 1 and November 26 - 28
Registration closes October 25
Spring 2015 TBA
No classes March 9 - 13
Registration closes March 25

When will my class meet?

Heartland offers various daytime and evening schedules for GED classes. Most classes meet 3-4 days per week for 3 hours each day. You will learn more about your schedule options when you come to your registration appointment.

Is there a fee for Heartland’s GED classes?

No. The classes are funded by state and federal grants and are offered at no charge to students.

How do I register for GED classes? When can I start attending classes?

Registration processes are different for each Heartland site. Please contact the appropriate campus for more information.

  • Normal: (309) 268-8180
  • Lincoln: (217) 735-1731
  • Pontiac: (815) 842-6777

At the Normal campus, you must call to make a testing appointment before you can start class. Please call 309-268-8180 or 309-268-8089 to make an appointment.

Testing usually takes 3 hours. During the testing session you will complete paperwork, take a reading and math placement test and meet with a staff member to discuss your educational and employment goals. After testing, you will need to attend a program orientation before you can begin class.

How long are the classes? How long will it take me to get my GED?

Once you’re enrolled you may begin attending right away and attend as long as you need to prepare for the test. Some students spend just a few months brushing up on things they’ve forgotten or never learned in high school; some students take a year or more to prepare. The length of time you need will depend on how regularly you attend class, and how much work you do while you’re in class. We’re here to help, but it’s up to you to do the work.

How are GED classes structured?

Instruction in Heartland’s GED classes is individualized based on your academic needs and goals. You’ll take a reading and math test when you enroll in the program. It’s a test that tells us where you need to begin your preparation for the GED. Your studies will include reading, writing, social studies, science, and math. We can also prepare you for the U.S and Illinois Constitution exams if necessary.

Do I have to attend the entire session of every class? Do I have to attend every session each week?

How quickly you complete the GED preparation program will depend on how often you attend class and how hard you work while in class. Therefore, full and regular attendance is expected.  If you have questions about our attendance policy, please call 309-268-8180.

Do I need to take the Constitution tests?

High school graduates and GED completers in the state of Illinois must pass a U.S. and Illinois Constitution exam before receiving their credential (HS diploma or GED certificate). When you register for the GED exam you’ll have to present proof that you’ve passed the test. Many students take the Constitution exam in high school. If this is the case, you may call your former school and request a transcript. This will show that you’ve passed it. If you haven’t passed the Constitution test in high school, you can prepare for and take the test in Heartland’s GED class. You’ll receive a letter of completion after you pass.

I'm registered to take the GED exam, but I don’t have proof that I’ve passed the Constitution. Do I need to enroll in classes to prepare?

If you're in this situation please contact the Adult Education office at 309-268-8180.

Do I have to take classes before taking the GED exam?

No, but we highly recommend that you do. There is a $120 testing fee for the GED, but classes are free.  We will give you several assessment tests when you enroll that provide information about how much preparation you need to pass all sections. If you’re ready to test immediately, you can register for the test. If you need some time to prepare, the classes are free, you can start attending immediately, and you haven’t paid a testing fee!

It's important to emphasize that the GED is a LONG and DIFFICULT test. Studies have shown that almost 40% of graduating high school seniors cannot pass. Most individuals who take the GED need at least some preparation in order to pass all sections of the test. You will want to be sure you can pass before committing the money, time and energy.

Can I take other classes at Heartland while preparing for the GED?

Yes, but you cannot receive financial aid without a GED certificate.

Does Heartland offer childcare for students who are enrolled in GED preparation classes?

Childcare is available on a limited basis at the Child Development Lab (CDL) on campus in Normal. Childcare is only available to students enrolled in daytime classes. If you are interested in childcare at Heartland you should contact the CDL at 268-8210. If Heartland’s CDL is unable to accommodate your child or children, the director of the CDL will help you identify alternative childcare arrangements.