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Alumni Association Scholarship

Charles Smith

Susan Allensworth

The Alumni Association (HCCAA) will award a yearly scholarship to a registered member of the Alumni Association or a dependent of a registered member of the Alumni Association who through his or her accomplishments, both personally and academically, personifies the values of the College which include a "can do" attitude, dedication to academic performance, and ethical decision-making among others.

Scholarship Recipients

2014 Alumni Association Scholarship Recipient

Susan Allensworth is the 2014 recipient of the Alumni Association Scholarship. This scholarship will help Allensworth receive her RN from Heartland so that she can apply her skills and knowledge to help care for every aspect of her patient's lives, giving them the highest level of care possible.

Currently located in Bloomington, IL., Allensworth was a CNA in high school and started off in the school of nursing at Purdue University. She always loved sports and health, so she instead chose to pursue PE and health education at Purdue. After years of teaching at High Road School of Bloomington and being a long term substitute teacher at Parkside Junior High School, Allensworth feels the urge to move on and become a nurse, even though she will always love the teaching profession.

"I am very anxious to get started and feel in my heart that this is absolutely the direction I should be going," said Allensworth.

She is fully prepared to dedicate her time to getting her degree and beginning her nursing career.

"I believe that every person deserves to have nurses that truly love what they do because they love helping others," said Allensworth.

2015 Alumni Association Scholarship Applications

The HCC Foundation will be accepting applications for the 2015 Alumni Association Scholarship starting on December 1, 2014. Are you someone who:

  • Has made academic performance and integrity a priority throughout your academic career?
  • Has made a positive impact on your community through leadership and/or active volunteering?
  • Has received local, state, or national recognition for your accomplishments?

If so, please consider applying for the 2015 Alumni Association Scholarship. Applications are due March 1, 2015.

For more information about scholarships for the 2015-2016 academic year at Heartland Community College including steps to complete the scholarship application and important due dates, visit the Scholarship Page.