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Support the Hawks

  1. Go to Heartland Foundation
  2. Fill out your information
  3. Select either a one-time gift or a recurring gift (pledge)
  4. Select the Athletics fund(s) of your choice
    • Athletics General
    • Athletics - Men's Baseball
    • Athletics - Men's Soccer
    • Athletics - Women's Softball
    • Athletics - Women's Soccer
  5. Provide the amount you would like to give
  6. Choose to give anonymously or be recognized for your gift
  7. Specify if this gift is in memory of or in honor of someone (optional)
  8. Provide credit card payment information

How Your Support Can Help

Hawks Club Level How this Helps
Blue & White ($25-$49) Added to the general fund helping support Hawk's Athletics
Platinum ($50-$99) Cover cost of a jersey for one player.
Century ($100-$249) Allow for one player to travel for spring trip to Florida. Covers meals, transportation and lodging.
Coaches ($250-$499) Fully cover costs for jerseys and practice attire for one player. Will cover everything from full jersey to practice shorts, hats, shirts, and cleats.
All-American ($500-$999) Cover full-seasons travel costs for one player. Includes transportation, lodging, and all meals.
Corporate ($1000-$2,499) Fund half of one player's scholarship over the course of a year.
National Champion ($2,500+) Fund scholarship for one player over the course of a year.

Donate to Support the Hawks

To donate to Heartland Community College Athletics and become a member of the Hawks Club, please visit the Heartland Foundation, fill our your contact information, and make sure you select the "Athletics" fund option.

To learn about the Hawks Club categories of commitment and for more details of the club itself, please check out the following document: Hawks Club categories of commitment (PDF).