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Science EDventures

Virtual, hands-on STEM. Blast off with your students on a Science EDventure!

Meeting students' needs from behind a screen is a whole new kind of challenge. Designed for all learning types and levels of understanding, our interactive Science EDventures will engage and excite each student while building their confidence in using STEM. 

So, strap in and pack your suitcase…your students are heading to space! 


Teachers, enjoy 9 hours of prep-free lessons built specifically for live-online delivery!

  • Pre-built lessons save time, energy, and stress
  • Curriculum carefully integrates NGSS and CCSS standards into every lesson 
  • Individual student kits come pre-packaged with all supplies needed to complete the activities
  • Guided lessons are interactive, helping students to think, work, and communicate like real scientists
  • No teacher demo-ing required. Demonstrations are provided by the Challenger Team and NASA scientists with easy-to-use augmented reality
  • Potential technology issues are accounted for so learning never has to be interrupted. Your lesson includes transcripts, hard copies of the video files, and hyperlinks 
  • Lessons include flexible options to address varied learner needs and are ADA compliant

What Comes in Your Suitcase 

A Science EDventures includes 3 modules for 9 total hours of ready-to-go instruction and are perfect for any size group. 

Each module is 3 hours long and contains:

  • 1 hour pre-session (teacher guided, with augmented reality demos and prompts to keep the students progressing)
  • 1 hour live session (Challenger Flight Director guided)
  • 1 hour post session (teacher guided, with additional augmented reality supports for students)
  • BONUS: every lesson comes with an exclusive appearance from a current NASA scientist! 

Educator materials include: 

  • Printed and digital copies of student handouts
  • Multiple assessments that compliment each module
  • Detailed teacher lesson plans
  • Kits containing materials needed for all three modules
  • Back-up technology plans (direct links to videos and transcripts)
  • A direct number of a flight director to call for assistance during teacher-guided lesson

Choose Your EDventure

    • Module 1: Build Your Ride— Students will design a film canister rocket and explain how they made it fly.
    • Module 2: Find Your Way— Students will learn how to navigate using stars and create their very own constellation.
    • Module 3: Explore Your Destination— Students will build a rover to journey across the planet and modify their design to help the it cross different types of terrain.

    Available now! 

    • Module 1: Finding Water— Students will find water sources and design structures to collect it, filter it, and justify their design.
    • Module 2: Growing Food in Space— Students will design a greenhouse/home and explain how it supports humans and plants.
    • Module 3: Welcome to the Neighborhood— Students will compare ecosystems on Earth to the ones they have created on Mars.

    Coming fall 2021! 

Take It For a Spin 

Augmented reality guides students through each lesson and demonstrates key steps. Use FlipGrid to scan the QR code to see our Flight Directors in action guiding students through the EDventure or click here.



Demo the Science EDventure

Want a more immersive look? Sign up to demo Vacation to Space at Demo Days!
    • Title I funding applies 
    • Additional CLC scholarships available 
    Description series of 3 instructor-led modules in rocketry, astronomy, and engineering  
    Students Per Class up to 26
    CLC Guided Instruction 1 hour per week for 3 weeks (3 total hours)
    Pre and Post Teacher-Led Activities 2 hours per week for 3 weeks (6 total hours) 
    Total Programming Hours 9 hours
    Kit Provided for Each Student yes
    Price Per Classroom of 26 Students $595
    Discounted Bundle Price with Virtual Mission $712
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