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Virtual Missions

Bring STEM to all students from any location!

Bring the excitement of a CLC mission directly to your classroom. During this virtual, live mission, each student takes on a specific job in Mission Control on Earth. By directing the Away Team, they work independently and collaboratively.

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Format: Available through any virtual delivery platform
  • Minimum Number of Participants: 4
  • Maximum Number of Participants: 13 (if the number of students exceeds 13, students will be divided equally into two groups and the mission will be run twice) 
  • Technical Requirements: Streaming device required (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop)

Choose Your Virtual Mission

  • Students will take on the roles of NASA Mission Control team leaders from their school classroom or homes. Students will work together in real time to guide an away team orbiting Jupiter's icy moon, Europa to launch a probe that will search for evidence of life below the ice.

    Available now! 

  • Students will be put in control of helping determine which of Mars’s two moons would be best for establishing the first human base – Phobos or Deimos. Each student will be given a specific role at NASA Mission Control. Students will work together to review information coming in from rovers exploring both moons and decide where we should colonize.

    Coming fall 2021! 

Take It For a Spin

Augmented reality guides students through each lesson and demonstrates key steps. Use FlipGrid to scan the QR code to see our Flight Directors in action guiding students through the EDventure or click here.



Demo the Virtual Mission

Want a more immersive look? Sign up to demo Europa Encounter at Demo Days!

    • CLC scholarships available 
    • Group rates differ based on number of students
    Description virtual simulated mission with role-play
    Students Per Class up to 26 (2 groups of 13)
    CLC Guided Instruction 1 hour for 1 week
    Pre and Post Teacher-Led Activities 30 minutes for 1 week
    Total Programming Hours 1.5 hours per student
    Kit Provided for Each Student no
    Price Per Classroom of 26 Students $295
    Discounted Bundle Price with Science EDventure  $712
  • Step 1: Complete the booking intake form below. 

    Step 2: Our team will be in touch to complete the booking process!

    Questions? Contact us! 

    • (309) 268-8160