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Discounts & Promotions

Multiple Computer Courses Discount

Sign up for two or more computer classes and receive a 10% discount on each! Only those classes listed below are eligible for the discount. You must register and pay for all the classes at the same time. If you withdraw from a discounted class, you will no longer be eligible for the discounted price unless you have at least 2 discounted computer classes remaining on your schedule. We will refund the class fee minus the difference between the full price and discount price of the remaining class. If Community Education cancels the class, you will still be eligible for the discount price. For more information, please call (309) 268-8160.

Classes Eligible for Discount:

  • COMPNCR 1083 Getting Started with Computers
  • COMPNCR 1022 Getting Started with Computers II
  • COMPNCR 1252 Getting Started with Digital Cameras
  • COMPNCR 1887 Getting Started with Windows 8
  • COMPNCR 1749 Getting Started with an iPad
  • COMPNCR 1629 Welcome to the Mac
  • COMPNCR 1048 QuickBooks I
  • COMPNCR 1317 QuickBooks II
  • COMPNCR 1293 Digital Photography Basics-SLR Cameras
  • COMPNCR 1580 Digital Photography Intermediate
  • All Microsoft Office 2010 courses, including Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint (does not include Single Serving Workshops)