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Online Professional Learning

Skills training and development in the comfort of your own home.

Data Analysis

  • Add a new skill set to your portfolio and contribute to the success of your organization through data analysis. Whether your business is home-based or a large company, you will derive a basic understanding of how to analyze data. Discover how to perform inquiries that will be useful to your organization, and develop the skills necessary to communicate these results with fellow employees through graphs and text. Regardless of industry, these courses will take your decision-making to the next level.

    Data Analysis includes the following three courses:

  • Data analysis is one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace. In this course, learn to interpret and analyze data to take your professionalism and your organization to new heights. Become adept at staying on top of trends and make accurate predictions that will benefit your business.
  • Many of your business decisions require comparing groups of data to detect differences. This course will introduce you to the statistics behind group variances and what action to take based upon the relationships you uncover. Upon completion, you will know how to work with ratings, graphs, and user-friendly reports of statistical results.
  • Optimize clarity in future decision making. Learn to take the guesswork out of business decisions and make informed choices based on statistically significant insights. You will gain the ability to perform inquiries that will be useful to your organization and leave with the confidence to communicate your decision-based results with colleagues.

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Project Management

  • Exceptional project managers are in high demand in today’s business environment. Gain the skills, tools, and templates essential to develop and maintain any initiative. Build on your experience by exploring the five project management processes and ten project management knowledge areas. Complete these courses and be ready to confidently step into any project management role.

    Project Management includes the following three courses:

  • Project management careers provide many avenues for professional advancement. Dive in for an overview of salaries, certification costs, education, and experience requirements. Also learn about key skills, tools, and templates needed to confidently develop and maintain a project.
  • Expand your management vocabulary by acquiring in-depth knowledge through the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide. This course will assist you in mastering the fundamentals of project management. You will develop a firm grasp of what actions to take when any project finds its way onto your to-do list.
  • Learn how to mindfully monitor your projects so you can predict and plan ahead for variations to plan, schedule, and budget. Get strategies for accomplishing quick resolution by exploring and implementing the ten project management knowledge areas. Leave with an understanding of how each area supports the five project management processes.

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Managing Social Change

  • Move your efforts, and those of others, from social advocacy to achieving meaningful change within your workplace and community. Develop the skills and behaviors to be a positive catalyst. Learn to employ proven strategies and methods for managing change in the workplace and addressing resistance. Walk away with actionable steps that are ready for immediate implementation.

    Managing Social Change includes the following three courses:

  • Managers and aspiring leaders are often required to implement change. In this course, you will learn how to successfully plan, apply, and communicate elements of change. Investigate how to encourage involvement and commitment while adjustments are underway. Walk away knowing how to implement organizational change and add value to your cause.
  • Even though workplace change is inevitable, many still struggle with it, especially when jobs are affected. In this course, set yourself up to adapt and thrive under new or surprising circumstances. Explore different ways to introduce modifications of your own and gain strategies for how to pitch, embrace, and navigate changes in your professional environment.
  • Contributing to community and social causes you’re passionate about is easier said than done. In this course, discover how social change happens and doesn’t happen and how you can influence it. Explore working within an established organization versus creating your own group. Gain an understanding of different implementation strategies and techniques to tackle issues and improve your community for the greater good.
  • Effective use of visual media in online or in-person professional presentations enhances your message, assists with delivery, and leaves an impact. In these courses, gain practical and advanced Photoshop design skills and learn powerful, concise ways to present information using Infographics. Discover how to design and deliver a successful visual presentation using any media. Take away critical skills that you can build on and pass to others in your organization to elevate communication.

    Presentation Media includes the following three courses:

  • Maximize the effectivness of your presentations by learning how to make them look both clean and captivating. In this course, practice and implement basic graphic design principles like page layout and typography to find your visual voice and produce the best results. Take away the skills needed to create compelling and eye-catching visual presentations.
  • Acquire the skills to navigate an essential list of Photoshop features. In this course, gain a foundational and advanced understanding of this popular software. Practice commonly-used methods like managing text, working with layers, and adjusting image file properties. Discover the purpose of each photo-editing tool and walk away with the confidence to apply them in any future photo project.
  • Get exposed to the creative process of infographics: a powerful, concise way to visually present information. Learn the history behind infographics and the types used in business, education, and other industries. Explore various user-friendly, infographic-creation websites, then practice the basics of designing your own. Finish this course capable of making infographics to be proud of.
  • Podcasting is a booming mode of entertainment and marketing in today’s on-the-go world. In this course, learn how to take your expertise and turn it into a podcast. Explore strategies for how to reach your intended audience. Discover how to navigate this unique, intimate medium so that your listeners can become acquainted with your brand before they engage with your products or services. Begin with an idea in mind and finish with a show that people are eager to tune into.


  • Leverage more success from your company’s website with the free, online Google Analytics tool. Aimed at non-technical users, this course will show you key techniques for how to review website statistics and conduct data analysis using Google Analytics. Walk away from class with the ability to calculate the ROI on your online advertising and the strategies for getting more conversions and sales from your website visitors.


  • Today, every school in America has students with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). In this course, learn to recognize behaviors that may indicate a student has ASD, then explore how to create the most positive learning environments for children and teens with this disorder. Whether you’re a teacher, counselor, higher education faculty member, or lifelong learner, take away proven strategies for interacting and working with these students while making positive impacts on their lives.