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Professional Development

General Business 

  • Local employers have identified soft skills training as the most important need for their employees. These workshops were built to give employees the tools they need to improve those skills, and may be taken as individually or as a series for maximum benefit.

  • Critical for the success of many nonprofit and public agencies, winning grant money comes down to the proposal. From identifying potential funders to a follow-up course of action, this class will cover the basics of grant writing. Take away essential information and useful tips on grant proposal content, format, and submission. Learn how to write a compelling need or problem statement, realistic goals and objectives, a clear description of methods, a workable evaluation plan, and an accurate budget. Registration ends one week prior to the start of class. (7.5 PDs)
    Beverly Beyer
    2419 Sec. A Friday 4/5, 8AM-4:30PM, HCC WDC Rm 1404
    $115 (includes lunch & materials)

    Details & Registration

  • These 2 hour classes were created to help business owners and aspiring business owners design a promotional strategy that makes sense for their operation. These short and to-the-point workshops can be taken separately or as a series. Click on titles for details and registration.

    How to Create a Social Media Strategy, 4/15

    The Key to Content Development, 4/17

    How Your Website Works for You, 4/22

    Why Email & Direct Mail Aren’t Dead, 4/24

    What Analytics & Tracking Will Tell, 4/29

  • As hard as you try to avoid it, the drama of office politics can decrease your productivity and create workplace stress. This class is designed to help you navigate the often complicated and frustrating dynamics you may encounter on the job. Understand how issues manifest themselves, how you can combat them appropriately, and how to create a positive environment through key habits, tangible strategies, and your own interpersonal skills.
    Alicia Wheeler
    2596 Sec. A Friday 5/3, 9AM-12PM, HCC WDC Rm 1402

    Details & Registration

  • Starting and successfully operating a small business requires some know-how, especially as you juggle so many crucial pieces in the beginning. Don’t approach this endeavor blind or alone. Over the course of this program, you will learn how to properly set up your operations, define business goals, identify a consumer base, and effectively promote your product or service to your target audience through a variety of channels. With the support of experts and like-minded entrepreneurs, you will gain the confidence to turn your business dreams into reality.

    Tue/Thu (8 sessions), 6/4-6/27, 6-9PM,
    HCC WDC Rm 1404

    Details & Registration

Food & Beverage

  • Create a safer community by keeping drunk drivers off the road. Learn to prevent over consumption of alcohol, intervention techniques, how to properly check ID cards, and local and state laws regarding alcohol service. After successful completion of this program, you will receive a certificate and official Beverage Alcohol Sellers/Servers Education & Training (BASSET) identification card from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. If you are a server of alcoholic beverages or you check IDs for alcohol service, this course fulfills the required training necessary to meet state requirements.
    Brian Copple
    2939 Sec. A Monday 5/20, 5:30-9:30PM, HCC WDC Rm 1601

Education & Social Work

  • What exactly is a STEM career? Where are the STEM career opportunities in your community? Get your students excited about STEM! Complete activities that connect real-world STEM skills to the classroom, and leave with strategies and tips for identifying and connecting with STEM professionals in your community. Materials and light refreshments provided. This workshop is worth 3 PD hours for educators. (3 PDs)

    Stacey Shrewsbury
    2715 Sec. A Tuesday 2/26, 5-8PM, HCC Challenger Learning Center

    Details and Registration

  • Whether you’re in the classroom, boardroom, or sitting around the dinner table, being human means being a storyteller. But that certainly doesn’t mean everyone is good at it. In this workshop, discover that great storytelling is both an art and a science. Then, take steps toward becoming a master storyteller, where you’ll learn how to craft and recount an engaging and memorable story for any audience in 14 steps. This workshop has been verified with Gateways to Opportunity as a registry approved training for participants working with children and families. Teachers are eligible to receive 4.5 PD hours.
    Margaret Varney
    2721 Sec. A Tuesdays (3 sessions), 3/5-4/2 (does not meet 03/12 or 03/26, 6-7:30PM, HCC WDC Rm 1006

    Details and Registration

  • Gain a better understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures in this 3 hour training. You will focus on exploring the  different aspects of culture and identity to increase awareness and understanding of diverse student populations, which will aid in strengthening relationships between school, family and the students you serve. This workshop is worth 3 PD hours for educators and 3 CEU hours for social workers.

    Mayuko Nakamura
    3040 Sec. A Thursday 3/7, 4:30-7:30PM WDC Rm 1403

    Details and Registration

  • In today’s beautifully diverse world, skin and hair types are  just as diverse. Whether you’re a stylist, social worker, foster parent, part of a blended family, or just curious, this class is for you. Embrace our cultural diversity and learn how to wash and style different types of hair, cleanse and moisturize skin, and choose the proper hair and skin care products for different ethnicities. Children are welcome, though they must attend  with an adult. This workshop is worth 4 CEUs for social workers.

    Authrine Watson
    2415 Sec A Saturdays (2 sessions), 3/16-3/23, 9-11AM 
    HCC WDC Rm 1403

    Details and Registration

  • Even in a world mindful of diversity and inclusion, we are guilty of implicit bias: the unconscious tendency to judge people based on past experiences. At times, it's even hard for us to notice that bias is happening. In this class, take the time to explore the nature of implicit bias and discover strategies to minimize bias in the classroom and workplace. This workshop is worth 3 PDs for educators.
    Mayuko Nakamura
    2594 Sec. A Friday 4/12, 9AM-12PM, HCC WDC Rm 1403
  • Explore unique ways to get students involved in the world of NASA and STEM. Learn about upcoming missions, space station alerts, social media events, and more. Take away activities and materials to finish out the year, or get a jumpstart on next semester and plan a year of STEM for your students. Materials and light refreshments provided. This workshop is worth 3 PD hours for educators.
    Stacey Shrewsbury
    2717 Sec. A Tuesday 4/23, 5-8PM, HCC ACEC Rm 1200

     Details and Registration

Special Interest

  • Elevate your job skills by learning to safely drive and operate a forklift. After classroom instruction and hands-on driving practice, you will understand the necessary pre-use inspections and know how to safely operate a forklift. Master the controls and gain proper knowledge of OSHA regulations, ANSI standards, gravity and stability factors, and load capacity.
    Grey & Associates Instructor
    3122 Sec. A Wednesday 4/10, 8:30AM-4:30PM, Midwest Food Bank

    Details & Registration

  • Being able to track and then interpret data is essential to making educated and strategic decisions in today’s workplace. Learn the basics of collecting, analyzing, and presenting data. This class will prepare you to evaluate data sources, identify the purpose of a data set, and make the most of the information available to you. Walk away with the ability to effectively use data to guide your informed decisions.
    Travis Huber
    3028 Sec. A Friday 4/12, 9AM-12PM, HCC WDC Rm 1402

    Details & Registration

  • Want to fly a drone and get paid? First you need your remote pilot certificate. Taught by a certified remote pilot, this class will enable you to gain practical insight and application of aviation concepts and test taking skills. This is a test prep course and the certification exam is not included. 

    Mon/Wed (4 sessions), 4/29-5/8, 6AM-8:30PM  HCC WDC Rm 1403

    Details and Registration

  • Are you interested in getting professional, quality photography and video using a drone? If you’re ready to take your camera above ground, this class is a great place to start. Begin with an understanding of FAA regulations and local laws that govern using your drone for these purposes. Then, get tips and training on how to maximize your drone for media. You’ll soon be stunned by the amazing results you can produce.
    Ronald Frazier
    3056 Sec. A Saturday 5/18, 10AM-1PM, HCC WDC Rm 1402

    Details & Registration

  • Develop a marketable skill by learning how to read and interpret various types of industrial blueprints. Get instruction and personal practice assessing lines, geometric tolerance and dimensioning, surface finish callouts, auxiliary views, and orthographic projection. By the end of the course, you will have a solid foundation to confidently evaluate manual, CNC, and general machine trade blueprints.

    Randall Jacobs
    1779 Sec. A Monday (4 sessions), 6/3-6/24, 5-9PM, HCC WDC Rm 1402

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