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Winter/ Spring 2020 Workshops & Classes

  • With ever-present and growing stressors finding their way into your personal and professional life, the spiraling effect can feel unmanageable. Learn some practical strategies to successfully deal with stress and the everyday demands of work and home life. Evaluate significant areas of struggle and the importance of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. Discover small changes that will put your mind at peace and have you feeling more successful, productive, and centered.

    Lisa Summers
    Wednesday 2/19, 9AM-12PM
    WDC Rm 1403

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  • Though rewarding, transitioning from team member to supervisor can serve as a challenge for many professionals. Step into your new leadership role with confidence and preparation. Explore various leadership styles and complete an assessment to discover the best practices for your personal style. Discuss situational leadership and practice approaches to managing real-life scenarios in your specific workplace. Walk away empowered, equipped with self-awareness and the skills to be a successful leader.
    Terry Lowe
    Thursday 2/27, 9AM-12PM
    HCC WDC Rm 1403

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  • With the pressures of deadlines and daily stressors, effective communication in the workplace is of utmost importance. Designed for business and corporate employees, this workshop will explore best written and oral communication practices for your professional setting. Investigate why issues in the workplace are so often rooted in miscommunication. Discuss conflict management, learning and applying ways to optimize communication when resolving issues at work. Leave well-versed in communication strategies proven to streamline productivity and incite comradery in your team and corporation.

    Terry Lowe
    Thursday 3/19, 9AM-12PM
    HCC WDC Rm 1403

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  • You know you've got that special something a person is looking for, but you don't know how to get the word out. In this class, learn how to develop a content marketing strategy that gets customers knocking on your door. Discuss the various types of content you can create like blogs, ebooks, social media posts, videos, and more. Learn strategies for crafting informational and persuasive content that meets customer needs, solves problems, and ultimately, drives revenue for your business.

    Jordon Patterson

    Wednesday 3/25, 6-8PM
    HCC WDC Rm 1405

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  • Getting prime visibility in internet search engine results is crucial for businesses and online marketers. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps improve website rankings and can be complex and confusing. This course will cover the vital concepts and trends and presents a day-by-day strategy for developing, managing, and measuring a successful SEO plan. With these tools, you can better position your promotional content for prime visibility to improve your website traffic.

    Jordan Patterson

    Tue/Thu (2 sessions), 3/10-3/12, 6-8PM
    HCC WDC Rm 1404

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