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Fall 2019 Workshops and Classes

  • Increase the effectiveness of your conversations? just by being you! This exploratory and enlightening experience will help you identify your typical personality traits, including strengths and differences from other people. Learn to apply your self-awareness and knowledge of personality to every day interactions as you practice communication strategies that capitalize on your own personality strengths. Leave with new tools to approach verbal communication at home and at the office in a unique and fresh way.

    Robin Shirley
    2609 Sec. A Thursday 9/12, 6-9PM, HCC WDC Rm 1402

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  • In order to run a business today, you have to have an online presence. Your website is your front door and your first impression, a key determinant in whether or not a customer chooses you over your competition, and often where leads convert into sales. Learn how to use visually-stimulating and on-brand elements in your website along with strategies for directing traffic to your site using search engine optimization principles, UX best practices, customer reviews, and more.
    Brian Huonker
    2386 Sec. A Wednesday 9/25, 6-8PM, HCC WDC Rm 1405

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  • Every small business sets out for success, but not all have the intentional communication strategies to support meeting their goals. In this interactive and collaborative course, you will explore some communication challenges that are common to small businesses and learn how to create a comprehensive communication plan that fosters growth and success, while enhancing your reputation and brand. We will discuss the basics behind gathering and analyzing employee and customer data. Come prepared to share questions, concerns, and examples regarding your current strategies.
    Matt Felumlee
    2497 Sec. A Thursday 9/26, 6-9PM, HCC WDC Rm 1402
  • Employees who voluntarily leave their jobs often report their departure is due to lack of meaningful communication and validation from their managers. Intended for supervisors, administrators, or other leadership positions, this workshop will focus on managerial strategies for fostering effective and continuous communication between you and your employees. Walk away with more confidence and finesse for approaching these scenarios and leave with a communication action plan suitable to your own organization and staff.
    Terry Lowe
    2461 Sec. A Friday 10/4, 9AM-12PM, HCC WDC Rm 1402

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  • Getting prime visibility in internet search engine results is crucial for businesses and online marketers. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps improve website rankings and can be complex and confusing. This course will cover the vital concepts and trends and presents a day-by-day strategy for developing, managing, and measuring a successful SEO plan. With these tools, you can better position your promotional content for prime visibility to improve your website traffic.
    Brian Huonker
    2580 Sec. A Mon/Wed (2 sessions), 10/7-10/9, 6-9PM, WDC Rm 3601

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  • Social media got its start as a personal platform, but quickly evolved into a primary marketing tool for businesses. Discover just how influential this channel can be for converting leads into sales, retrieving customer data, and staying connected with your audience. Determine which platforms align best with your marketing goals, and learn how to maximize their potential to best reach your target audience. Leave with the knowledge to create an intentional social media strategy through purposeful content creation and mindful scheduling habits.
    Brian Huonker
    2425 Sec. A Tuesday 10/22, 6-8PM, HCC WDC Rm 1404
  • You've put a lot of time and money into your marketing efforts, and now it's time to see the results! In this class, learn why tracking and analyzing data is critical to your marketing strategy. Get training on how to use and manage web analytics and how to make sense of the numbers. Walk away with confidence, as you understand how data can help you fine tune your campaigns, yield insights on what approaches are most and least effective, and define future marketing and sales goals.

    Brian Huonker
    2427 Sec. A Tuesday 10/29, 6-8PM, HCC WDC Rm 1405


  • Engage the power of your inner public speaker. Take your current delivery skills to new heights in this blend of speech preparation and presentation. Learn techniques for overcoming apprehension, researching and preparing an outline, and relating to your audience. Put all your new knowledge to the test as you deliver a speech and receive feedback from your classmates. Walk away with the confidence you need to communicate even more polished and professionally than before.

    Susan Fish
    2857 Sec. A Friday (2 sessions), 11/8-11/15, 9AM-12PM,

    ICN Rm 1002


  • With Illinois' recent legalization of cannabis, the re-evaluation of drug-free workplaces and safety policies is becoming a priority for employers. Be proactive and explore how this new legislation affects your company and employees. State Senator Jason Barickman will provide background on the cannabis legislation and respond to the critical questions you have. Together with business professor Terry Lowe, you will receive assistance on identifying gaps in company policies and work to map out an effective  communication plan for your employees. 

    Senator Jason Barickman & Professor Terry Lowe
    3001 Sec. A Tuesday, 11/19, 8-9:30AM, ACEC Rm 2210

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