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Get Your Slice of Lifelong Learning

January 19th, 8:30AM-12:30PM

Sample Free Classes

Don’t you love the chance to sample something before you buy it? That’s exactly what you’ll get to do at Slice of Lifelong Learning. Bring a friend and sample free Continuing Education classes in technology, the arts, wellness, cooking and more. Register for one or more Continuing Education courses* during the event and receive a 25% discount.

Mini-Class Schedule

  • Class Description Instructor
    Sewing a Hem Pants too long? Learn how to use a sewing machine to adjust them to the right length. Dee Thompson
    History Go back in time to Abe Lincoln's birthday, Presidential elections of the 19th century and discover the origins of Memorial Day. Ardis Stewart
    Birdwatching Birdwatching, or birding, is becoming an increasingly popular hobby in the United States. Dave Weth
    Gardening & Upcycling "Nothing ever need go to waste." This is Penny's motto. Learn how to eco-craft, compost and garden. Saving you time and money as well as Mother Earth. Penny Feehan
  • Class Description Instructor
    Prepare Your Records NOW! How to plan and organize your crucial records for your family Sonja Reese
    Paper Flowers Make some quick spring time decorations out of paper. Tanya Smith
    Healthy Indian Cuisine Let us tempt you with recipes so savory and delicious you won't remember they're good for you! Regional Indian cuisine is not only satisfying, it is wholesome and healthy. Anuja Depeshde
    Plumbing Household plumbing repair and maintenance tips. Dale Day
    First Time Home Buyers Learn how to get quality shots with your digital SLR camera and become familar with photography fundementals. Adrianne Cornejo
    The Blood Moon A total lunar eclipse and blood moon will happen January 20-21. Learn about lunar eclipses, what exactly a blood moon is, and how to prepare for this exciting event. Stacey Shrewsbury
    Slicing & Dicing Wield steel like a pro! Learn techniques to chop, slice, julianne and mince your way to the perfect meal. Chef Scott Rowan


  • Class Description Instructor
    Essential Oils Essential Oils are a safe, natural and effective way to promote health and wellness.   Shari Weitekamp
    Painting Pine Trees Learn a simple brush techniques to create silhouettes of pine trees. Perfect for beginner acrylic painters. Lauren Bruggenthies-Lott
    Movie Music Romance Track American history over the past 100 years of Hollywood lyrics and legends. This interacive presentaion will take you back and get your toes tapping as we review your favorite moments in movie history. John LeGear
    Ukulele Hum & Strum Come learn some simple 1 finger chords on the Uke. Rhonda Flotmann
    Social Media Basics Get introduced to the social media platforms that will be covered in depth in the full class. Jennifer Flaig
    Bake to Impress It is easier than you think to "wow" your guests with simple sweet treats that look and taste like they came from the corner bakery - when you learn from the experts at the corner bakery! Ivy Lane Bakery


Connect with Community Organizations

You can also connect with community organizations at this event. Find out about their missions and how you can engage with the community through them.   

*Discounts may not be combined with other discounts and does not apply to some programs. Discounts only applied to registrations received at the event.

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