Employee Recognition

The HCC Award

In the spirit of encouraging a culture of praise, the HCC award provides the opportunity to recognize the special contributions of employees that make Heartland Community College a positive environment in which to work and learn. The HCC Award facilitates on the spot recognition to notice and commend the extra efforts, whether large or small, exhibited by co-workers.


All Heartland employees are eligible for recognition. Recognized employees will receive an electronic certificate alerting them that their actions/contributions were noticed. Recognition can occur at any time by any other employee.

The names of all employees recognized during a given month will be placed into a drawing for a $10 Avenue C or Heartland Bookstore gift certificate. The names of all employees recognized throughout the calendar year will be placed into a drawing for a gift certificate in the amount of $50.00.

Recognize an Employee Today

Employees recognized during the month of March 2018

Barb McLaughlin-Olson
Bob Shaw
Brian Lambert, Brianna Gill
Chad Hoffer
Chris Lackey
Chris Miller
Doug Minter
Elizabeth Hayes
Holly Schurter
Jane Miller
Jason Nelson
Jennifer Abraham O''Connor, Janice Malak, Zach Petrea, Tammy Truitt-Simeone
Jo Gramley, Patty Omahana, Jennifer Abraham
John Mackinson
Johnna Darragh
Kate Ross
Kelli Gibbons, Shelby DeMarb
Kim Travers
Linda Lambert
Lisa Perry
Lori Cordis
Marty Kiesewetter
Meg Struve
Michelle Ruestman
Nicole Jones
Phil Vandiver, Laura Buckley
Randy Jacobs
Renee Collins
Rich Foley
Rod Merkle
Ruifang Cao
Scot Smigel
Stephanie Turner
Steve Showers
Terry Lowe
Todd Simeone
Val Crawford, Terri Minter
Veronica Inselmann, Sara Westendorf

The winner(s) for February 2018:
Bryn Westerhold
Kim Kelley

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