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Programs & Curriculum

Earth Month 2014

The Green Team has developed some exciting events to support Earth Day

April 7- 25

  • The College is participating in Campus Conservation Nationals. Three buildings on campus will be competing to reduce the most electricity over the 3 week period.  The competition is between CCB (Community Commons Building), WDC (Workforce Development Center) and the CDL (Child Development Lab).
  • The competition can be tracked through Heartland's energy dashboard
  • Some tips to reduce electricity include:
        1. Turn off computer screen saver
        2. Turn off computer monitor when away from the computer for more than 15 minutes OR use your ecobutton
        3. Unplug personal electronics when not in use
        4. Use task lighting rather than overhead lights
        5.  Set devices, even cell phones, to power-saving modes

April - May

  • Plastic Garden Pot Recycling Drive: outside library (SCB) & in Pregracke Center (WDC).  If you are spring cleaning and have HDPE #2, PP #5, and PS #6 plastic plant pots saved up in your garage or shed, drop them off to be recycled.  Please clean off as much soil as possible. 

Wednesday April 9

  • Stress Less Fest: students can pot up some herbs to aid in stress reduction
  • Students can also enter a drawing to win a free Two Blokes & A Bus lunch

Saturday April 12

April 14-18

  • Hawk Toss Challenge: opt to go without your garbage can in your office and receive a Hawk Toss recycling sticker and brag card to put outside your office
  • Free Item Table: ICB lobby.  Drop off any gently used item you feel could use a good home and/or pick up any item you could use.

Tuesday April 22

  • Two Blokes and a Bus Lunch: 11:30 am on HCC campus quad. Miss Victoria, the bus, will be parked on the quad to serve lunch.  There is no reserved parking for this event, please consult the campus map to identify the closest parking lots.  - Open to the community

Friday April 25

  • Heartland Gardens cleanup day. Come help cleanup the on-campus gardens, which are filled to the brim of native species.  For details, contact Monica Fuller.




The Green Institute is a clearinghouse for the College's wide range of credit and non-credit programs, campus activities and initiatives related to energy conservation and sustainability: