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What will a student of Philosophy learn?

Heartland's philosophy courses provide you a foundation for becoming a great critical thinker and reflective intellectual leader as you prepare to explore the social and personal issues that have concerned mankind through the ages. In the process, you will analyze challenging texts and have the opportunity to build well-founded and logical arguments to support your interpretations.

Fast Facts:

Philosophy courses offered at HCC include Ethics, History of Philosophy, Introduction to Non-Western Philosophy and Logic. In addition, students of philosophy meet informally twice a month to discuss broad global topics in a philosophical context.

What is the occupational outlook?

The thinking skills you cultivate in philosophy courses are transferable to almost any academic discipline or occupation. Specific careers associated with a philosophy background can include:

  • Theology/Ministry
  • Law
  • Healthcare/Medicine
  • Government/Social Service
  • Journalism
  • Teaching/Consulting
  • Writing/Editing