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Women's Studies

What will a student of Women's Studies learn?

Women's studies at HCC will give you the opportunity to discover and understand the history and development of feminist thought by examining the cultural, social and political structures affecting women. You'll develop insight into current issues impacting women and participate in creative and significant discussions about women's roles throughout history.

Fast Facts:

Courses in women's studies offered at HCC include Introduction to Women's Studies and Women in Literature.

What is the occupational outlook?

A background in women's studies enhances the understanding of many different fields, including business, law, science and sociology. Those who complete women's studies often pursue fulfilling careers in:

  • Advising/Counseling
  • Editing/Publishing
  • Government/Social Services
  • Shelters/Crisis Center Administration
  • Law and Justice
  • Journalism
  • Teaching/Consulting
  • Public Health Education