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Copyright Policy

Copyright is confusing, even intimidating, and therefore often ignored. But ignorance of the law is not a defense and, as educators, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves.

Learn some copyright basics and how to follow Heartland's copyright policy. For questions about copyright issues contact Rachelle Stivers.

Note that the copyright information provided in these pages or by Heartland staff members is not a substitute for legal counsel.

Copyright Policy for Heartland Community College

Adopted by the Board April 10, 2001
Revised December 2004

It is the intent of the Board of Trustees of Heartland Community College to adhere to the provisions of the U.S. copyright law (Title 17, United States Code, Section 101, et seq.). Therefore, the Board of Trustees directs the administration to develop and distribute to employees clear copyright guidelines that strongly encourage compliance with the copyright law, and inform employees of their rights and responsibilities under the law.

The Board of Trustees prohibits unauthorized duplication that violates copyright law, licenses or contractual agreements in any form. All College employees are expected to obey the United States copyright laws in their use of print and audio-visual materials and microcomputer software. Illegal copies or sharing of copyrighted software, movies, or music may not be made or used on equipment owned by the College. Employees who willfully disregard this Board policy do so at their own risk and assume all liability for their actions.