GED® High School Equivalency Program

Adult Education helps you:

  • Prepare for the GED or other high school equivalency exams
  • Improve basic skills in reading, writing, math and problem solving
  • Build a resumé and get ready for the workforce
Class meeting times and attendance

There are two leveled classes that you are placed into based on your initital assessment at registration.

You will be placed into a 9-11AM or 1-3PM class time.

All classes will meet Monday through Thursday.  The first 3 days of instruction will be HSE preparation, while Thursday's class will include workforce skills training. 

How quickly you complete your program depends how often you attend class and how hard you work while in class.  Therefore, full and regular attendance is expected. 

Length of classes

Once you're enrolled you may begin attending classes right away.  Attend class as long as you need to prepare for the exams.  The length of time you need depends on how regulary you attend class and how much work you do while in class.

Classes run on a standard semester timeframe.  This means, they will begin in January and run through May, and again July through December. There are registrations once a month throughout this time as well.

We're here to help, but it's up to you to do the work. 

Inside the classroom

Your instructor will get to know you, your strengths, weaknesses and goals which will help them plan lessons to meet your needs.

Your studies will likely include reading, writing, social studies, science and math.

We can also help you prepare for the US and Illinois Constitution exam, which is required in the state of Illinois for the High School Equivalency Certificate. If you passed the exam in high school, call your former school to request a transcript. 

About the GED

The GED is a four-part exam that measures your knowledge in the following areas:

Test Section 



Reasoning through Language Arts 2.5 hours $30
Mathematical Reasoning  2 hours  $30
Science  1.5 hours  $30
Social Studies  1.5 hours  $30 

You must acheive a passing score of 150 on each section to earn your certificate.  

For more information about the GED test, please visit


How do I register? 

Fall 2018 classes will begin in July. To be notified when the registration is open and to choose a date/time, please call, email or come into the campus to have your name added to the list to be contacted. Letters will be mailed to those on our list with instructions for registration. The first round of registrations will take place the second week of July.  

How much do classes cost? 

You pay nothing.  Classes are paid for through state and federal grants. 

Is there an age requirement to take the exam?

Yes, you must be 17 years of age to register for the test. 

Can I take other classes at Heartland while preparing for the HSE exam?

Yes, but you may not be eligible to receive financial aid without the HSE certificate. 

Are these preparation classes required to take the GED?

No, but we recommend you do. The GED is lengthy and difficult and most people need some preparation in order to successfully pass the sections. 

Can I take the exam in Lincoln?

Yes, the Heartland Lincoln campus is a registered proctored site.  When you register on the GED website, you can choose this location for your test center and it will pull up available testing times.  Currently, we only offer to proctor the exams on Wednesday's from noon to 4PM. 

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