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Whether you need help with a quick flier or an entire campaign, the MPI team is here to help.

Meet the Staff

Anjanel Folkens - Associate Director of Creative Design Services
Anjanel Folkens

Anjanel is the queen of all things visual. She oversees every design project and the use of HCC's logos. Thanks to her, the HCC "look" is consistently professional! Anjanel also creates Hunter Hawk imagery, shoots photos and develops everything from videos and large-scale publications to signage.


Phone: 309-268-8176

Becky Gropp - Associate Director of Public Information
Becky Gropp

What's happening at Heartland? Becky knows. She's your go-to-gal for all things news and events at HCC. Press releases, The Hawkfeed, web stories, social media, government information - she'll let you know what's going on. And for all the media folks out there, when you need an interview or access to campus, contact Becky. She'll get you in touch with the right people and can even escort you around campus.

If you're interested in hosting a government official on campus, give Becky a call.


Phone: 309-268-8186

Raegan Rinchiuso - Coordinator of Marketing
Raegan Rinchiuso

Copywriter, social media maven, grammar guru - Raegan does a little of everything. She works with the design staff on publications and advertising and also coordinates the media planning for HCC. When not debating the merits of the Oxford comma, she advances our licensing efforts.


Phone: 309-268-8167

Jeanette Kavanaugh - Production Assistant
Jeanette Kavanaugh

Jeanette is the "traffic control operator" for the marketing department. She makes sure projects move through the creative process with quickness and efficiency. Her ability to multi-task is legendary. If you're an outside vendor or campus partner looking for assistance with a project, Jeanette is your first stop.


Phone: 309-268-8164

Audrey Stickrod - Coordinator of Photography and Graphic Design
Audrey Stickrod

Wherever you see a flash go off around campus, chances are Audrey's nearby. Serving as the coordinator of photography, Audrey knows how to get your best side. She also designs just about anything that needs graphic support. She's a whiz at incorporating illustration, photography and campus architecture imagery in her work.


Phone: 309-268-8174

Sean McCullough - Digital and Graphic Designer
Sean McCullough

Sean is a "pixel ninja" who is always ready to use his digital know-how to give projects a little extra pizazz. He develops digital displays shown around campus, as well as images for the website. In addition, he does graphic design for print and loves creating videos and shooting photos for campus partners.


Phone: 309-268-8169

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