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HCC Student and Alumni Savings Club

Heartland Community College is pleased to announce a new discount program for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The Hawk Perks Savings Club provides discounts from local and national retailers, restaurants, service providers and entertainment venues. Participants will also have access to the Geoperks mobile app that gives real-time, location-based updates and discounts.

How do participants take advantage of the program?


You can use your Heartland ID to receive discounts at participating businesses.  Students, keep your benefits when you leave HCC by registering for the alumni association (see below).


The savings club is also extending discounts to registered members of the HCC Alumni Association.  Any student who has taken one or more classes at HCC is free to join the HCC Alumni Association. Current members of the Alumni Association can access the benefit by downloading the Geoperks app. If you don’t have a smartphone, contact the Heartland Alumni Relations office to receive a Hawk Perks card.  Email alumni@heartland.edu or call (309) 268-8158.  To register, click on the JOIN US button on the right side of the home page

If you have a smartphone, here are your next steps:

     1. Visit the links below to download the Geoperks app for your smartphone: 

          App Store

          Google Play

     2. Connect via Facebook or Foursquare.
     3. Click "Add Memberships" on the app homepage.
     4. Click "Heartland Community College".
     5. Click "View Nearby Perks" (You must be GPS location enabled for this option) or "This Membership's Perks" to see the stand-alone perks list.
     6. When you visit that business show your Heartland ID, Hawk Perks card or GeoPerks app to receive your discount.

If you don't have a smartphone:

  1. Visit GeoPerks to view discounts online.
  2. Look up any business that offers the discount.
  3. When you visit that business show your Heartland ID or Hawk Perks card to receive your discount.

Don’t see a discount at a business you’d like? Fill out a quick survey to make a suggestion, or leave a comment on our Facebook page.