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What Will I Learn?

Electronics is a growing field with employment opportunies expected to continue increasing rapidly. Depending upon the area of study, students will learn electronic fundamentals, troubleshooting and repair.

What Is The Occupational Outlook?

Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to seek employment as entry level technicians in a wide range of sectors including communications, automation, computer electronics, biomedical equipment, and networking.

In Illinois, entry level salaries for electronics technicians range from about $30,000 to $38,000 depending on the industry and size of organization.1 Those with additional training and experience may be promoted to professional or supervisor positions.

What Are My Options?

The Associate in Applied Science Degree in Electronics Systems Technology prepares the student for a variety of entry-level positions requiring a background in electronics, computers, industrial automation, and communications. Examples include Electronics Technician, PC Technician, Electrical Maintenance Technician, Field Engineer, and Communications Technician. Students initially take a variety of introductory courses in AC & DC circuits, CAD, and Electrical concepts and then go on to study higher level concepts including Data Communications, Solid State and Digital Electronics. Students will select an emphasis area such as automated systems, telecommunications, or electronic systems.

With employment opportunities in these and other areas, and the ever-increasing use and applications of electronics, the employment outlook for individuals with an AAS degree in electronics technology is optimistic. Therefore, rather than a narrow, specific focus, the curriculum is designed to prepare technicians with a solid core of knowledge and skills that can be transferred to positions in industry, business, health care, communications, utilities, government and other sectors. Students will also study a body of knowledge so as to be prepared for professional certifications such as CCNA, CET, A+…etc.

Graduates of the Electronics Systems Technology program will have a variety of options available to them. Many students seek immediate employment upon graduation while others continue their education as a full-time student in a bachelor's degree program. BS degree options include programs such as Industrial Technology, Information Technology, Electronic Systems Technology, and Applied Management. There are even bachelor's programs available in an on-line format and also as a 3+1 arrangement.

The Electronics Skills certificate of completion prepares individuals with basic skills in electronics, troubleshooting and circuit construction. This certificate may be applied for further study in the PC maintenance or electronic systems technology programs.

The Computer Maintenance Technology certificate is designed to prepare students for entry-level careers as computer technicians. The comprehensive program provides students with skills in electronic fundamentals, instrument usage, troubleshooting, basic computer skills and PC maintenance and repair skills. Students will be able to seek a variety of positions related to computer installation, maintenance, repair and servicing. Students will be prepared with a body of knowledge sufficient to take the A+ certification exam. Upon completion of the program the students may continue their study in the A.A.S. degree in electronic systems technology.

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