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Technical Math

What Will I Learn?

Students taking Technical Mathematics courses will be introduced to the application of basic math principles as commonly found in industry. Topics include a review of basic arithmetic operators, unit conversions, algebraic operations with a focus on formulas, geometry, and basic statistics, scientific notation, number systems, algebra (equations and formulas, factoring, and systems), geometry, and trigonometry.

What Is The Occupational Outlook?

While technical math is essential to many technical courses and programs of study, this course area is not a career major at Heartland Community College. The TMAT courses may be incorporated into many of the technical degrees and certificates offered at the college.

What Are My Options?

Students may enroll in individual courses, however, the Technical Math courses are part of a variety of certificate and AAS degree programs in Computer Aided Design, Electrician Apprentice, Electronics, Maintenance Technology, Manufacturing Technology and Information Technology.