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Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Program

As a College NOW student at Heartland, you can take college-level courses for college credit as a high school student. You can choose courses offered at your high school, your local career center, on our campuses, and even online.

Educational Pathways

Success Education

You can earn college credit by successfully completing workshops designed to better prepare you for college, career, and life success!

The Success Education pathway is an initiative created by Heartland to offer free Guided Path to Success (GPS) workshops OR our Student Success course (GENS 105), which helps you plan and prepare for overall success. If you participate in a number of workshops or take the GENS course, you can complete portfolio assignments to obtain up to three college elective credits. This pathway helps you develop skills related to time management, financial responsibility, independence and interdependence – all qualities necessary to be successful academically and in the professional workforce. 

General Education

You can earn college credit by successfully completing courses designed to give you early exposure to high quality college courses.

The General Education pathway offers you the opportunity to complete general education courses that are typically required at many four-year universities. The course offerings include introductory courses in English, Communication, Science, History, Humanities, and Math. If you are eligible for these typs of courses, you could potentially graduate from high school with enough college credits to significantly reduce your time-to-degree completion at four-year universities! This pathway helps increase your level of confidence and competence towards success in higher education.

Career Technical Education

You can earn college credit by successfully completing courses designed to guide you along a specific career pathway for early workforce entry.

The Career Technical Education pathway gives you a jumpstart on specific applied certificate and/or degree programs offered at Heartland. The College currently coordinates more career-focused courses through our area career centers, who also work with you to learn skills for certain career paths if you desire early entry into the workforce with or without the 4-year university experience. In this pathway, you would get a hands-on approach to learning in areas such as Nursing, Welding, Office Administration, and Computer Networking. This pathway helps you achieve a measure of success related to a job you may apply for immediately after high school graduation. 

Three-Step Admission Process

  1. Application Submission

  2. Basic Skills Assessment (or submit acceptable ACT scores)

  3. Course Enrollment Decisions

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