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For the Media...

Press Releases

Heartland's Marketing and Public Information Department manages all aspects of media relations, including the development and circulation of press releases, feature articles, sports blasts and news advisories. In addition, the department is responsible for maintaining media contacts, arranging faculty and staff interviews and conducting or overseeing press conferences and other public events.

Media members are invited to access Heartland's Official College Press Releases.

In addition, general information about Heartland Community College is available through the following links:

Media Policies

Members of the media are welcome on Heartland Community College campuses. So that you might have adequate access to areas, facilities and people necessary to complete your story we ask that you please contact the Marketing Department, which houses HCC's Public Information area, in advance of your visit. This will also allow us to notify Security to your presence on campus.

Most faculty and staff of the College are open to talking with reporters but will generally refer questions to the Associate Director of Public Information. Employees of the College will also notify Public Information when media crews or reporters are on the campus.

When interviewing faculty and staff members, please be aware that the opinions and views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the College administration or the Heartland Community College Board of Trustees. For an official statement regarding the College's position on a certain topic or issue, please contact the Associate Director of Public Information at (309) 268-8186, or email Marketing and Public Information.

For the safety and privacy of students, photography or videography is prohibited in classrooms and other areas of study/instruction without the prior approval of a Public Information representative. We are able to assist reporters, photographers, and videographers in accessing these areas for story footage, file photos, interviews, and B-roll when arrangements are made in advance. We also can assist in providing access to Heartland Community College campuses and spaces for third-party productions. Commercial production units and non-news related media must contact Public Information in advance of a campus visit.

During an emergency, the President of Heartland Community College, a designated representative of the College, or any law enforcement or fire personnel can prohibit public and media access to any of the College's campuses, facilities or grounds. In the event of evacuations or emergency, the Marketing Department will work with internal and external partners to establish a secondary location for the dissemination of information. Every attempt will be made to provide safe, legal, accurate and efficient access to information and to provide alternative media locations, if necessary.

General Guidelines for Media Visitors on Campus

  • Please respect students' rights to learn. If they are studying or are engaged in group study activities, even outside the classroom, allow them to work without interruption.
  • Classrooms may only be entered if prior arrangements were made with the Marketing Department/Public Information and the course instructor.
  • Construction zones on campus are hazardous and may not be entered at any time.
  • Park in designated areas to avoid interruptions to normal traffic flow on campus.

Partnership with Illinois State University's TV10

In the interest of student success and learning, Heartland Community College welcomes Illinois State University's TV10 students who are learning television production and journalism techniques. HCC requests all TV10 students follow the same procedures and guidelines above.

For additional information or news media inquiries, email Marketing and Public Information, or call (309) 268-8186.