Each ventilation unit will be designed to recover at least 80% of the energy contained in the exhaust air stream.
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About the WDC

Conceptualized in collaboration with area employers, the Workforce Development Center (WDC) at Heartland Community College represents an important economic development resource for central Illinois. By providing technical degree programs and customized training, the WDC will increase the College's ability to develop the skills of 21st Century workers.

In addition, the WDC has been planned as the first state-funded project in Illinois nationally certified for environmentally-conscious construction. Heartland Community College is proud to be a leader in efficient use of energy and conservation of natural resources.

The College is indebted to several employers who have invested in this facility: State Farm Insurance Companies, Mitsubishi Motors North America, Caterpillar, COUNTRY Insurance and Financial Services and Verizon. The College would also like to recognize the support for this project provided by Governor Blagojevich, state and federal legislators and the McLean County Chamber of Commerce.

Scheduled to open in 2007, the WDC will increase the ability of Heartland to help secure the economic health of this region. Thank you to the entire community for your support of HCC.