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At Heartland we recognize you play a very important part in your student’s education. As your son or daughter enters college, the ways in which you support their success are going to change. This website will help you understand this natural transition and the powerful role you’ll continue playing, even as your student becomes more independent.
  • Career Connections

    It probably comes as no surprise the majority of college students change their major one or more times. Can we make a suggestion? Encourage your son or daughter to do some basic exploration using free resources available through Career Connections before they’ve earned a lot of credits.

    Once they see how their skills, talents, and interests match various occupations, they’ll feel a lot more confident choosing a path of study. From the STRONG Interest Inventory and Career Cruising to job shadows and internships, Career Connections can help your student find the path that’s right for them.


    Maybe your student wants to enter the workforce directly from Heartland. Perhaps they plan to continue their studies at a four-year institution. Either way, it’s important to encourage your student to work with their academic advisor throughout their time at Heartland. Together they can build an efficient, semesterby-semester plan that makes the best use of their time and tuition dollars.

  • Tutoring Services

    Everybody needs a little help sometimes. That’s why HCC offers free individual and small group tutoring in nearly every subject. On any given day everyone from students on the dean’s list to groups preparing for class presentations can be found working smarter with help from Tutoring Services. Instead of proofreading your student’s paper or project, suggest they get instant coaching in our writing lab. If you can tell they’d benefit from some extra practice with a new math concept, encourage them to use the drop-in math lab. Many HCC students stay on top of their courses by scheduling regular tutoring sessions even if they aren’t experiencing academic issues. Recommend taking advantage of this valuable, free support.

    Success Connections

    HCC has courses designed specifically to empower your student by providing them specific strategies for academic and life success.* Based on their individual needs, suggest that your son or daughter consider one of these options:
    Career Success (SCED 101) is a one credit course designed to explore personal factors such as values, interests, skills and personality preferences in order to make informed career and lifestyle choices.
    The three credit Life Success course (SCED 105) helps your student take a deeper look at him or herself and academic career to facilitate development in each of these areas.
    *These courses may be used to satisfy the transferable elective requirements for the associate’s degree at Heartland.

    Student Support Resources

    The emotional and physical health of your son or daughter is important. That’s why Heartland offers supports to enhance their overall well-being. As a parent, you know that if your student stays fit and healthy, it boosts their learning success. Remind them the Fitness and Recreation Centeris a great place to meet people and burn off stress.

    Counseling Services offers workshops on a range of topics from stress management and overcoming test anxiety to healthy relationships. They also offer individual sessions and referrals to other agencies for personal and emergency issues.

    If your son or daughter has an active Individualized Education Program (IEP), make sure they connect with Student Access and Accommodation Services (SAAS). SAAS staff will make sure your student has the appropriate resources and accommodations to reach their educational goals.

  • Student Engagement Opportunities

    A rich college experience includes developing friendships, interests and leadership skills. Encourage your student to take their interests to the next level by getting involved in one or more of HCC’s 70+ student clubs and organizations.

    Honors Program

    HCC’s Honors Program provides dynamic learning experiences, cultural, social and leadership activities for motivated students. Heartland students also have study abroad opportunities in a variety of countries. Initiate a conversation with your student if these options are a good fit for them.

  • Scholarships

    Keeping college debt low is a priority. Each year more than 200 HCC scholarships are awarded to students who are:
    • entering high-demand fields including technology, business, engineering, nursing and welding

    • active volunteers involved in community service

    • the first member of their family to attend college

    • experiencing financial need

    • high achieving students including area valedictorians and salutatorians

    Financial Aid

    Our Financial Aid Office can help connect your son or daughter with campus employment opportunities and help them set up a payment plan. And yes, they can also help you or your student navigate the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

    Financial Options

    Finding ways to fund a college education can be stressful. That’s why we have set up a place where you and your student can explore all their funding options in one convenient spot

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