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Flat Hunter Challenge

Hey there, I'm Hunter Hawk! 

I miss hanging out with you at Heartland, so I thought we could find a way to have some fun at home! And since you can't come to me, I'll fly to you! 

Here's a little activity I put together to keep us connected to each other and to our favorite STEM subjects. I hope you'll join me! 

The Flat Hunter Challenge 

1. Download and print out your favorite picture of me, Hunter! Choose one or choose them all. 

2. Get creative! Color and cut me out. 

3. Look around your house to find STEM in action! Discover how STEM happens around you all the time or enjoy our at-home activities to create your own. Get some inspiration for STEM activities here!

4. Take a picture with me while enjoying your STEM-tastic fun. 

5. Upload your photo to social media and tag us! 

  • Facebook: @clchcc (Challenger Learning Center at Heartland Community College)

  • Instagram: @kidsatheartland 

Ta-da! You've completed the challenge! We can't wait to see your Flat Hunter photos and share them to our page!