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Workshops offered for displaced Mitsubishi workers

December 2, 2015

Heartland Community College and Career Link are offering free workshops for displaced Mitsubishi workers.

The workshops focus on a variety of topics to help build skills in resume writing, technology and interviewing.

Available Workshops

Writing an Effective Resume

  • Recognize the purpose and importance of a resume
  • Understand what kind of information is expected and appropriate for a resume
  • Begin designing your own resume to build upon in the coming years

Cover Letter Writing

  • Recognize the purpose and importance of a cover letter
  • Understand what kind of information is expected and appropriate for a cover letter
  • Begin creating your own cover letter

Successful Job Interviewing Skills

  • Recognize that being prepared for the job interview is just as important as the interview itself
  • Practice anticipating interviewer questions and writing your own questions to ask in an interview
  • Begin to assess your own skills and experiences by writing a “Prove It” story

 Targeting Success

  • Begin thinking about your own personal definition of success—what “being successful” would look like in your life
  • Assess your strengths and areas of challenge

Managing Stress

  • Recognize possible symptoms of stress
  • Begin identifying sources of stress in your life now

IRA/401K Rollovers: What You Really Need to Know

  • Understand your retirement plan and what it’s really worth
  • Learn how to avoid taxation
  • Weigh options of rolling over 401K versus leaving it at your old employer
  • Discover how to access your retirement accounts for current needs

Bringing Balance to Your Budget

  • Understand the use of budgets and how to establish budgets
  • Develop a budgeting strategy and identify goals
  • Learn how to balance between spending, saving and borrowing

Excel Basics

  • Learn how to work with Microsoft Excel
  • Create a spreadsheet to organize data
To get more information, call Heartland's Community Education department at 309-268-8160. For date and time information, see the Heartland calendar.

Written by: Becky Gropp