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Intro classes help you choose a destination

August 9, 2016
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Are you having trouble choosing your destination?

Selecting a major can sometimes feel overwhelming. We have several classes that give you a taste of what different careers are like.

As an added bonus, if you enroll in these intro courses and decide, “Hey, this isn’t for me,” no harm. They still count as one of your electives.

So while you’re thinking about what classes to take and what your future will look like, here are a few courses that may help you decide.

Introduction to Education (EDUC 101): The world will always need teachers. This class gives you great insight into what it’s like to be in the realm of education. It’s exciting, ever changing and comes with lots of opportunities. You’ll spend time reflecting on your personal and professional goals and take a look at what’s happening in education. Learn more about our education program.

Introduction to Computer Information Science (CSCI 101): From motherboards and CPUs to software and RAM, the computer is a fascinating piece of technology that’s changed rapidly and has endless possibilities. This class gives you an intro to computer-based systems, hardware and software, delivery modes and more. There are plenty of well-paid career opportunities in this field. Maybe you’ll be the next Bill Gates. Explore this option.

Introduction to Business (BUSN 110): The business umbrella is a big one. Under it falls many options like management, accounting, finance, marketing and human resources just to name a few. With increased competition in a global market, you’ll discover what it takes to thrive in today’s fast-paced world. This course will develop your critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills, all of which are “must haves” for any career you choose. Here’s more information on majoring in business.

Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJ 101): Prevent crime. Investigate. Keep the peace. These are just a few responsibilities of those who vow to serve and protect. This class gives you an overview of the criminal justice system, which includes police departments, courts and corrections systems. If you choose to continue down this path, you might end up as a police officer, private investigator or probation officer. Get the specifics of this major.

These are just a few of your many options. As always, if you need assistance, our advising team is here. Give them a call at 309-268-8033 or email them at:

  • (Normal Campus)
  • (Pontiac Campus)
  • (Lincoln Campus)

Whatever destination you choose, we’ll help you get there.

Written by: Becky Gropp