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Election 2016

October 28, 2016

It's time to elect a new prez and many other people.

Get that 'I voted' sticker.

Vote for the next wave of federal and state leaders on Tuesday, November 8.  

For us Hawks, here's who's on the ballot and who will stay put within our district, which includes Normal, Pontiac and Lincoln.

Information brought to you by the nonprofit/nonpartisan group Rock the Vote. Learn more about your ballot, polling place and some other things.

R = Republican | D = Democrat |  I = Independent | G = Green Party | Cnl = Constitutional | L = Libertarian


This person will become the USA's head honcho.

Hillary Clinton  Donald Trump  Jill Stein  Gary Johnson

US Senator

These folks introduce bills and resolutions on a federal level. They ensure your issues are represented in laws and approve/reject presidential nominations, like supreme court justices. You'll pick one of these people to represent Illinois.

Mark Kirk  Tammy Duckworth  Chad Koppie  Scott Summers  Jim Brown  Kent McMillen  Chris Aguayo  

Sitting US Senator

Senator Dick Durbin will remain in the US Senate. His next election date is November 3, 2020.

Dick Durbin

US Representative

These officials also contribute to making federal laws. Depending on where you live, here's who's running for a spot.

Normal Area (Contested)

Rodney Davis  Mark Wicklund  David Gill

Pontiac Area (Unopposed)

Adam Kinzinger

Lincoln Area (Contested)

Darin LaHood  Junius Rodriguez

Illinois Comptroller

This person handles the state's money.

Leslie Munger  Susana Mendoza

Illinois House Representative and Senator

This Illinois General Assembly is made of state representatives and senators. Their job is to introduce and pass bills, approve the state budget and confirm appointments to state departments and agencies. Most of our current state representatives and senators are running unopposed. Who shows up on your ballot depends on where you live, but here's who's running in Heartland's district.

Illinois House (Unopposed)

Dan Brady  Tom Bennett  Tim Butler  Keith Sommer

Illinois House (Contested)

Bill Mitchell  Christine Law Photo Unavailable

Illinois Senate (Unopposed)

Jason Barickman  Bill Brady

Sitting Illinois Senator

Chapin Rose will remain in the Illinois Senate. His next election date is November 6, 2018.

Chapin Rose

Straw Poll Results

In September we sent out a brief straw poll to all campus employees and students. There were almost 600 responses (444 students and 134 employees). Check out the results.

Who is Registered to Vote

  • Employees: 98%
  • Students: 78%

Who Plans to Vote

  • Employees: 98%
  • Students: 80%

Who Are You Voting For: President


  • Clinton/Kaine (Democrat): 68%
  • Trump/Pence (Republican): 19%
  • Johnson/Weld (Libertarian): 8%
  • Stein/Baraka (Green): 1%
  • None: 4%


  • Trump/Pence: 32.5%
  • Clinton/Kaine: 31%
  • Johnson/Weld: 12.5%
  • Stein/Baraka: 2%
  • None: 16%
  • Not Eligible to Vote: 6%

Who Are You Voting For: US Senator


  • Duckworth (Democrat): 60%
  • Kirk (Republican); 26%
  • McMillen (Libertarian): 2%
  • Summers (Green): 2%
  • None: 10%


  • Duckworth (Democrat): 30%
  • Kirk (Republican): 33%
  • McMillen (Libertarian): 6%
  • Summers (Green): 4%
  • None: 20%
  • Not Eligible: 7%
Stay engaged! Get out there and vote on Tuesday, November 8.