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Finalists selected in Presidential Search

February 15, 2018

The Search Advisory Committee tasked to select a new president of Heartland Community College has narrowed down the search to four finalists.

The Presidential Search Advisory Committee met in early February to interview a group of semifinalists and selected candidates for the final round of intervirews.

Each of the four finalist candidates will visit the Heartland Community College campus for interviews and participate in forums to speak with employees and the public. 

Candidate 1 visit: Feb. 22-23

Candidate 2 visit: Feb. 26-27

Candidate 3 visit: Mar. 1-2

Candidate 4 visit: Mar. 5-6

Individual finalist names will be reelased the week of each candidate's visit to campus.

The incoming President is expected to take office in July of 2018. Current President Rob Widmer will retire on June 30, 2018.

Further information about the position and institutional profile is available at


Written by: Steve Fast