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Heartland welcomes new Cornbelters ownership group

October 29, 2018

Heartland Community College will share the Corn Crib stadium with a new neighbor in 2019.

The Normal Cornbelters have formally announced a move from the independent professional Frontier League to the Prospect League, a summer developmental program comprising of teams of amateur college players.

A move to the Prospect League will also bring a new ownership group to the Corn Crib. The ownership groups Normal CornBelters Baseball, LLC and Corn Crib Associates, LLC have purchased the team and ownership stake in the stadium, respectively, from Normal Professional Baseball.

“The College has had a good relationship with the Normal Professional Baseball group since the Corn Crib opened in 2010. We’d like to thanks Steve Malliet and his group for all they’ve done to partner with us in creating and maintaining this great facility that is truly a benefit to the community,” said Heartland president Keith Cornille. “We welcome the new ownership group and look forward to working with them in continuing a fruitful partnership and keeping the excitement that comes from a busy facility.”

As part of the agreement put in place during the planning and construction of the Corn Crib on Heartland’s property, the College has use of the facility for Heartland Hawks baseball, softball and soccer games. Heartland teams have played over 600 games in the Corn Crib since the stadium opened in 2010.

The move of the Cornbelters franchise to the Prospect League, a league featuring up and coming college players, will mean a shorter season for the team compared to the Frontier League schedule, and will provide an opportunity to feature local players from colleges and universities throughout the area including Heartland.

Heartland administration will work with Corn Crib Associates, LLC and Normal CornBelters Baseball, LLC to coordinate full use of the facility, which Hawks teams also use for practices.

Written by: Steve Fast