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Kitchens named to lead Challenger Learning Center

August 30, 2019

Heartland Community College has named Jo Kitchens as the new Associate Director of Challenger Learning Center.

Kitchens most recently served as Associate Director of Work Ready Development at the College.  She is also a former Flight Director at Challenger Learning Center and is a retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant.

During her military career Kitchens served in the 310th Space Wing as a Crew Flight Chief and as a Space Instructor, as well as command & control of the GPS satellite constellation, space surveillance, and missile warning.

 “We’re pleased to bring Jo back to the Challenger Learning Center in a leadership role,” said Amy Humphreys, Dean of Continuing Education. “In addition to her prior work as a Flight Director, the array of skills and experiences from her military career with its strong STEM and leadership elements will be highly valuable to this next chapter at the Challenger.”

The mission of the Challenger Learning Center (CLC) is to engage students and teachers in hands-on learning opportunities that boost science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills. The CLC also offers unique team-building experiences to help organizations improve communication and problem-solving skills.

Last year the CLC served more than 6,700 individuals through school and corporate missions, enrichment camps, and special events.

Originally a part of the Prairie Aviation Museum in Bloomington, the CLC moved to Heartland Community College in December of 2009. Stacey Shrewsbury served as Associate Director of the CLC from 2008 until July of this year when she was named Director of Heartland Community College Pontiac.


Written by: Steve Fast