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Heartland Community College debuts ad campaign made with student talent

January 9, 2019

When Heartland Community College debuts their new ad campaign this spring, viewers will see first-hand the talent found within the school’s student body.

The new campaign Discover Heartland showcases the talents of two Heartland students who shot and edited a new set of television commercials and a promotional video for the College.

The team of Chris Hospelhorn and Anthony Pegg were recruited to help produce the new commercial campaign under the direction of Heartland’s Marketing department. Both studied in the Digital Media program at Heartland. Chris graduated last year and transferred to Flashpoint College, a Campus of Columbia College Hollywood. Anthony is a current student looking to graduate this summer.

“It’s been great doing this project,” said Pegg. “Being hired by Heartland has been an honor. To be able to go to the school and then have them ask you to do their commercial reflects the education they give for programs like Digital Media.”

The students were a given direction and a script, and then given free-reign to create a piece that visually told the Heartland story.

“There is no better way to introduce Heartland to the community than to utilize the talent we find in our own classrooms,” said Tim Bill, Executive Director of Marketing at Heartland Community College. “Chris and Anthony discovered their path and honed their talents at Heartland. Now their skills are on display for everyone to see in our Discover Heartland campaign.”

To view the Discover Heartland commercial visit:

To get a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the commercial visit: 

Written by: Steve Fast