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Heartland extends academic record protection options

April 13, 2020

Heartland Community College is extending measures to protect students’ academic record for the Spring 2020 academic term. These measures include an extension of the deadline for students to request withdraw from a class or to request a credit/no credit option.

In March, Heartland transitioned classes to an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The College has offered a number of support services to assist with online learning including internet accessibility assistance, technical support, disability services, tutoring services, online counseling, and advisement.  

With the disruption of the semester, which also included an extension of the spring break period from one week to two weeks, the College is also expanding options for students concerned these circumstances might affect their academic record.

Measures Heartland students can take for academic record protection for classes ending after March 13 include:

Withdraw: the College has extended the last date to withdraw from a Spring 2020 to Friday, May 1, 2020.

Request an Incomplete: students follow the standard procedure for requesting an Incomplete, which is to discuss the option with their instructor and, if approved, devise a plan with the instructor for completing the course requirements.

Drop without record: students seeking complete removal of the course from their academic record can follow standard appeal procedures, citing extenuating circumstances that would warrant the drop.

Credit/No Credit Grade Option: the College has extended the deadline for requesting the issuance of CR/NC grade for the Spring 2020 semester to June 1, 2020. The grade of “CR” is used for A, B, C letter grades; “NC” for D, F grades.  

“The disruption created by COVID-19 has not only impacted how instruction is delivered for the remainder of Spring 2020 but also the lives of our students,” said President Keith Cornille. “We want to make sure that students aren’t penalized for the disruption in their academic year by the COVID-19 crisis, but also make sure that students can be fully informed when making a choice to seek an option other than a letter grade.” 

Students concerned about the impact of circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic on their academic record are encouraged to contact the Heartland advisement office at or 309-268-8033.

More information on academic record protection options can be found at:

Written by: Steve Fast