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Student voting awareness video competition winners

March 25, 2021

Heartland Community College students have been recognized for a creative effort to spread community awareness of local elections. 

Heartland’s Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Team and Student Engagement Office organized a video contest that encouraged students to exercise their voice and create short videos about how important it is to vote in local elections. 

Participants had throughout the month of February to submit their projects. In true democratic fashion, fellow Heartland students voted for their favorite videos to decide the winners. 

The three students with the winning videos are: 

Kylie Bazzwell, 1st place

Tyler Butt, 2nd place

Monima Thapa, 3rd place 

Kylie’s, Tyler’s and Monima’s videos will be shared across Heartland’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms to spread further awareness in the weeks leading up to local elections. 

Local elections for the three counties in Heartland’s District (McLean, Livingston and Logan) will be held on April 6, 2021. Ballots will include races for mayors, city and town councils, local school boards, library boards, and Heartland’s own Board of Trustees. Locally-elected officials make decisions that directly affect their voters, including matters like tax rates, college tuition and fee rates, local policing policies, and more.

Written by: Steve Fast