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Heartland’s Director of Student Counseling Services receives Servant Leadership Award

May 18, 2021

Faye Freeman-Smith, Heartland Community College’s (HCC) Director of Student Counseling Services, has been recognized by the Multicultural Leadership Institute. 

Freeman-Smith was honored with the Multicultural Leadership Institute 2021 Servant Leadership Award. 

“The purpose of the award is to recognize a community leader who exemplifies the definition of a servant leader: a leader who works to serve others through their daily actions and calls others into action as well,” said Matt Drat, Executive Director of the Multicultural Leadership Institute. “Faye is a true servant leader in that she demonstrates how leadership can impact the lives others within our familes, workplaces, and broader communites.” 

Faye Freeman-Smith established HCC’s counseling center in 2011 and has volunteered in our community for over 25 years. She also owns and operates her own private practice, Counseling Resource Institute, and currently serves as Advisory Board Member for Lincoln Christian University Master’s counseling program and as a Mental Health Advisory Board member for Mclean County Health Department. 

Additionally, Faye is a founding member of the Black Business Alliance, for whom she served as president in the past. She helped establish the first African American Radio Station in Bloomington-Normal: WXRJ 94.9FM and is a Founding Board Member for the Multicultural Leadership Program. And in 2017, Faye received the YWCA Women of Distinction award for Excellence in Social Services.

“It is wonderful to see Faye recognized as a leader in our community,” said Sarah Diel-Hunt, HCC Vice President of Enrollment and Student Support Services. “Adding to her many other accomplishments, Faye had a special and unique impact on our College community over the last year. She proactively led efforts to institute distance mental health counseling at Heartland. This was an extremely beneficial service as our students grappled with both the stress of the pandemic and the inability to hold in-person counseling sessions due to COVID restrictions. This is just one of the many impressive ways Faye has made a difference in the lives our students and community.”

Written by: Steve Fast