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Meet the Officers

  • Jeremy Skeen, President, is currently a second-year student at Heartland. He ran for an officer position to make stronger relations with students, faculty and staff. Outside of his classes, Jeremy stays busy at his job as a waiter where he enjoys providing customer satisfaction and making connection with members of the community. Through-out his term, he hopes to provide students the same welcoming experience he received as a first year student.


  • Chase Brown, Executive Vice President, is currently a second-year student at Heartland. Chase is involved in BSU and GSU here at HCC. He also recently finished his certificate in HCC’s Emerging Leaders Program. When he is not busy with his studies and extracurricular activities, Chase likes to find opportunities to volunteer in his community. Chase ran on a platform where he plans to bring Heartland Community College closer to the community, in a sense of decolonizing the curriculum, and bring more students, traditional and nontraditional alike, to campus.


  • Tenesha Brown, Vice President of Communications, is currently a first year student at Heartland Community College. Tenesha is a Political Science major who hopes to work her way up to law school to practice constitutional law. She has also recently finished her certificate in HCC’s Emerging Leaders Program, and is excited to lead and be the voice for HCC’s student body. Tenesha ran on a  platform that hopes to bring expressive organizational change in how students and staff communicate both on campus and in the community.


  • Term ends: March 2021

    Katherine (Katie) Boland began as a student at Heartland in the spring semester of 2020. After receiving an Associates in English, she plans to transfer to a four-year college to pursue a degree in pre-law. Her long-term goal is to become an attorney. Outside of Heartland, she enjoys golf, watching movies, and getting a cup of coffee with friends. As student trustee, she would like to represent Heartland students to the best of her ability and create a safe and eco-friendly place for students to learn.


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